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What is
yoga therapy? 

In this video Jenna explains what is Yoga Therapy and how it can help you in your life.

Receive the personal care you need

Each body is different. Each personality is different. Your individual need is not always addressed in a group class. Nor is a group class designed to be therapeutic. Yoga Therapy addresses these personal needs.

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is the newly evolving yet ancient way of treatment for overall holistic healing. It focuses on the balancing of the body mind spirit system as a whole. A yoga therapist works with students to improve their physical, mental and emotional health. Yoga therapists are trained to work with people who have specific health issues, such as herniated discs, sciatica, stress, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, etc.

Yoga Therapy provides the specific attention to the client that a group yoga class does not provide. Different than physical therapy, Yoga Therapy focuses on the health and wellness at all levels of the person: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.
Students will be given the tools and knowledge to understand there body mind connection and be able to incorporate yoga therapy into their everyday lives.

What can it help with?

To name a few, Yoga therapists are trained to work with people who have specific health issues, such as: Herniated discs, sciatica, stress, depression, anxiety, Sleep disorders, high blood pressure, coping with the effects of cancer treatments or treating symptoms of HIV, digestive issues and also weight loss.
But lately it’s become especially popular for musculoskeletal issues like: Lower and upper back pain, sciatica, and shoulder, neck and hip pain.

How often should I come?
It really depends on the person and the issues they are coming in with. Usually at least two to three times a week for the first few months to give the body a chance to really adapt and adjust to its new routine and alignment. The body is changing and in order for it to hold the new it should be reinforced enough times that it can naturally hold its new balance and becomes the lifestyle of the individual.

What to expect during the session

One will begin to feel right away a sense of calm and healing as the Yoga Therapist provides a space and sets a tone of deep peace. Breathing techniques and positive affirmations are just some of the tools used to help bring the student into the right state of mind for the practice. Gentle stretches and slow movements using restorative Yoga poses used along with props to help bring the body into alignment while in the different positions.
One will be able to relax and heal while staying in the poses for five to ten minutes at a time. This allows enough time for the connective tissues and muscles to be released while blood flow is increased and healing on a very deep level can take place. You can expect to feel deeply rested, refreshed and balanced with a supple body and mind. People find that they feel over all more happier and there body and mind function on a much more efficient level